The Cold Blue

Vulcan Productions & Meteor 17 Presents

A film by Erik Nelson

Standing is Edward James Olmos.  Seated left to right is:  Kathleen Quinlan, Spencer, Director Ross Marks, George Lopez and Jackelyn Viera Iloff

By opening up a window into the past,THE COLD BLUE literally illuminates history, revealing facts and astonishing information lost — until now.

Spencer is proud to be an Executive Producer, along with the late Paul Allen, of this meditation on youth, war and trauma. THE COLD BLUE chronicles the men of the 8th Air Force who flew mission after suicidal mission in the Second World War. Chasing Trane co-producer, Dave Harding, who is working closely with Meteor 17 on a myriad of our company projects, brought us into this iconic project that will premiere on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, 2019, via AMC, Regal & Cinemark’s Fathom Events, in over 1000 theaters around the world.

We hope that THE COLD BLUE will have a similar resonance to consumers, history and aviation buffs, as Peter Jackson’s brilliant ‘The Shall Not Grow Old’ did via Fathom Events.’s-“They-Grow-Old”-Date-Fathom

HBO will telecast our film shortly after its premiere in theaters around the world.


1. A uniquely American story of American heroes, at a time when America is looking hard for them. 
2. Original COLOR raw footage lovingly restored better than new, frame by frame (NO trick “colorization”)
3. Our project was three years in the making, working directly with The National Archives to preserve their fading asset.
4. A Tribute to legendary director William Wyler and Harold Tannenbaum (the cameraman who actually died making this movie).
5. Unprecedented “Reboot” of a Classic Documentary, The Memphis Belle, made with full cooperation of Wyler Estate. Daughter Katherine Wyler is an Executive Producer of this film.
6.THE COLD BLUE is created as an immersive big screen theatrical experience, using every 21st Century technical element available but preserving the integrity of original footage and Wyler’s vision.
  The original Memphis Belle film has also been restored, shot by original shot, to create “level playing field”, and to further honor William Wyler.
7.Original Orchestral Score by one of Britain’s most celebrated contemporary musicians, Richard Thompson (OBE), who also scoredGrizzly Man.
8.Sound Designby the Sound Designer of “Black Panther”, David Hughes.
9. Paul G. Allen was a military historian sui generis, and Allen's quest to restore original WW2 aircraft to flying condition (not content to have them sit in museum) parallels THE COLD BLUE’s efforts to restore original film to pristine condition. THE COLD BLUE is one of Paul G. Allen’s many enduring legacies. 
10. Our film was created to generate a new genre of “historical documentary” by director Erik Nelson. Erik was also the producer of the hit first 3D documentary, “Cave Of Forgotten Dreams”and Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated “Encounters At The End Of The World”.

No-one has ever gone back to the raw footage of a classic documentary, The Memphis Belle and made an entirely new film, with the support of the original director's estate. We have.