Film Forward: Democracy In Action

Spencer has teamed up with acclaimed film producer & director, his long time friend Beth Broday (STING, ALANIS MORISSETTE , PRINCE), to produce a feature documentary which will have its premiere showing during a one night exhibition at 600 Regal, AMC and Cinemark across America.  It will take place approximately forty five- sixty days before the 2020 national elections in order to awaken and inspire a new generation of citizens.

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We are producing this exclusive big screen one night event across the country In the wake of our current political climate, gun violence and uncertainty…Activism is at a new high. Young people are not sitting on the sidelines. They know that first step to controlling our world is to control our culture.

We plan to bring communities at the local Cineplex and unite. This is America’s main street. 

Cinema is a mirror that can change the world, and make it better.