Meteor 17 - Company Divisions & Services



  • Creates music-themed content for film, television, digital media, and radio
  • Consults with major media companies on projects ranging from traditional productions to innovative digital media
  • Advises emerging companies on developing creative, revenue-generating content with a music anchor and sensibility.


  • M17 produces, supervises and oversees the composition and production of world-class music for film, television and recording artists.
  • In addition to a consistent track-record of gold and platinum success, worldwide awards and highly acclaimed, successful productions, M17 produces and coordinates all aspects of music for entertainment platforms and content.


  • M17 develops and produces music anchored/themed documentaries and feature films.
  • M17 has long term strategic relationships with leading multi-national media companies and brands to enable top line distribution of any content the company is involved with.
  • We create original narrative concepts around musical stories and copyright, as well as produce material in partnership with other content creators


  • M17 develops music anchored scripted and non-scripted television content in the format of both series and specials.
  • M17 creates, develops and produces programming around musical genres (current and legacy) as well as develops and produces scripted TV series based on contemporary and historic musical themes.


  • Spencer Proffer lends his expertise to a wide variety of organizations and initiatives from corporate media companies, universities, brands, trade organizations with an interest where music intersects with media, international music events as well as nongovernmental organizations. Subject matter ranges from the creative aspects of convergence media to the deal making and business affairs arena in which Proffer is well versed within.