Henry Root, Esq.

Transaction Attorney, M17

Henry and Spencer have been friends for decades. They formally teamed up in 2008 when Henry was hired as the Viacom -MTV Network attorney to represent their networks (MTV and CMT) in two joint ventures being made with Spencer and Meteor 17. Although on different sides of the negotiating table, they really clicked in spirit, style and approach to the ever changing complexities of how music and multi media converge. From that point on, Henry, his associate Lynn Quarterman and Henry's firm, partnered with Greg Lapidus, are charged with legal transaction oversight on select M17 music anchored enterprises.

Henry is well know for his expertise in entertainment, media and complex copyright law (including copyright terminations and digital millennium copyright act compliance for webcasters and retail business establishment services). He is partner in the well regarded law firm of Lapidus, Root, Franklin & Sacarow. He has over 30 years of legal and business affairs experience in the entertainment, music, television and media industries. He began his legal career at MCA Records after several years of working as a tour manager and lighting designer for top internationally renowned recording artists. Mr. Root has represented recording artists signed to every major label as well as award-winning songwriters and producers, independent music publishers, record labels, principal cast members of several reality TV series, celebrities and actors. Current clients include two major cable networks, webcasters, and an internet platform background music service for retail business establishments. Root has also overseen business and legal affairs for the delivery of programming to every major television network as well as for distribution on the internet. Negotiation of complex content agreements with record companies (including so-called “360 degree” recording agreements), music publishing companies (including catalog acquisitions and sales), television networks, content providers, gaming and app development agreements for online, ios, android other platforms, sponsorship, merchandising, product placement and endorsement agreements for actors, celebrities and musical artists. Providing comprehensive strategic counseling including analysis of complex rights licensing issues associated with cutting-edge business models.