As Seen Through These Eyes is a never before seen window into the surviving art and artists of the Holocaust. This film is more than a Holocaust study; it offers an incredible look at the survival mechanism of humankind and the profound need to communicate at any cost.

The lead producer, former Showtime Programming President Jerry Offsay, enlisted his longtime musical lieutenant and friend, Spencer Proffer, to produce and oversee all musical aspects of the moving film. ASTTE was created, directed, written and co-produced by filmmaker Hilary Helstein. Judith Proffer, Owner and Executive Editor of The Sun Community Newspapers and former publisher of The L.A. Weekly, penned the poignant lyrics to “The Art of the Soul” which became the movie’s opening as well as closing song. Proffer co-wrote the music with award winning songwriting partner, David Pomeranz, a long time collaborator.  They both wrote Bette Midler's Hit, "Daybreak". Spencer then selected and produced platinum selling Columbia/Sony Records artiste, Anna Nalick,  to perform the song.

Emmy winning composer and sonic designer, Lawrence Brown, was brought in to compose and conduct the original moving score.

Brown and Proffer won the Grand Prize Gold Medal Award at the 7th Annual Park City Film Music Festival for their poignant work on the music for the film.

The seventh annual PARK CITY FILM MUSIC FESTIVAL (pcFMF) was held in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah and is the first film festival in the world singularly recognizing the contribution of composers and their music to film, and the first of such festivals in the Americas. Awards are given in the categories of Best Use of Music in Full-Length Feature Film, Best Use of Music in Documentary Film, and Best Use of Music in Short Film and, new this year, Best Performance/Experimental Music Film. The first major film festival to recognize film music as part of the awards lineup since 1985 is the Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent, which currently draws over 80,000 devotees.


Awards for the Best Impact of Music in a Documentary Film

Gold Medal

Director's Choice Gold Medal for Excellence for “As Seen Through These Eyes” - Music by Larry Brown and Spencer Proffer

All connected to this project were very excited to have the late Dr. Maya Angelou involved with this project. After viewing the documentary, she immediately identified with the universal theme which speaks to the powerful endurance of the creative spirit against unimaginable odds. Dr. Angelou connected to this on a deep human level, whether it is the persecution of Jews, African-Americans, Armenians, etc. She felt that As Seen Through These Eyes spoke out for humanity. As an artist herself, she believed it was important to lend her voice and credibility to this project as it complied with her own life’s message. Dr. Angelou offered her work for this project, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” and narrated this important film.

As Seen Through These Eyes is financed in part by the Sundance Channel. This project is one of tremendous pride to all involved.  


The Art of The Soul

(Judith A. Proffer, Spencer Proffer, David Pomeranz)
Produced by Spencer Proffer
Performed by Anna Nalick
Courtesy of Columbia/Sony Records

The taming of the memory
The heartache of the soul
Tears that bring forgiveness
The fear of letting go
With every breath
With every step
The truth becomes so clear
Leading me closer
Bringing me near
To the heart of the Art of the Soul
Where the tears and the fears make us whole
Let the canvas reveal
The pain as it heals
In the heart of the Art of the Soul
The daybreak tempts my spirit
And it helps to make it seem
Night won't last forever
If I use the dark to dream
And with your love
You give me light
To find my way alone
Leading me closer
Bringing me home
To the heart of the Art of the Soul
Where the tears and the fears make us whole
Let the canvas reveal
The pain as it heals
In the heart of the Art of the Soul
You're asking me to remember
And to let you have your say
But I ask you is believe in me
And let me live today
Oh, the canvas reveals
The pain that heals
In the Heart of the Art of my Soul
In the Heart of the Art of the Soul

As Seen Through These Eyes




























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