Elvis Comeback Special: Book & Extension Enterprises

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Elvis Comeback Special director and producer, Steve Binder has partnered with Spencer and Meteor 17 to publish the definitive table top book on Binder’s making of the Special and all activities that led up to, were part of and happened, as a result of the landmark television event.

M17 long time art director, Hugh Syme (http://www.meteor17.com/hugh-syme/), designed the stunning look and feel of the 279 page collector’s item book which includes commentaries, interviews and never before seen memorabilia presented to Binder by both Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker.  

Grammy winning book manufacturing house, Integrated Communications (http://icla.com), widely known for producing high quality limited edition collections for major music artists and companies (Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Universal Music Enterprises, Concord Music Group, and Warner Music Group) are handling the printing of the book, worldwide.

Here are a few prototype models of book packages that form the basis of our Elvis Comeback Book package:


JOHN LENNON BOOK BOX:  http://imaginepeace.com/archives/11806    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx7m5Rjj57U

 BOB DYLAN BOOK BOX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EeMGkWAdds


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Proffer and Binder will be producing a myriad of extensions to create awareness and bring attention to the 2018, 50th year Celebration of Elvis’ Comeback Special.  To further propel the book, there will be a highly visible launch at Graceland in Memphis, with Binder conducting a town hall forum and panel, followed by similar town hall presentations at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and The Paley Center, in both NYC and LA.

Following the book offering, on a special basis to Elvis fan clubs around the world, there will be podcasts about the Special, a one night theater event in over 600 top screens across America and a spoken word version of the book via Amazon’s Audible division, narrated by Binder.  It will will contain actual excerpts from the Special woven in with Binder’s reading.  

The team will culminate the year long media celebration of the Comeback Special with a feature documentary, which will be directed by M17's John Coltrane Chasing Trane talent, John Scheinfeld.  The feature documentary will center on the making of the Special and Binder’s role and interface on it, with Elvis, NBC and Colonel Parker. It will premiere during the 50th Anniversary period.

Before the Book  becomes available to the general public through traditional retail outlets, the team will offer the book, DVD of the Special and other never before available items, through Elvis fan clubs around the world followed by a heavily promoted home shopping campaign.

Here is a recent article from Rolling Stone Magazine highlighting the importance to Elvis' career of this iconic Comeback show, directed and produced by Steve Binder.


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