Jesse Dylan

Digital and Technology, M17

M17 and Dylan’s Megacast and Good Life Ventures have partnered on several digitally powered and multi platform ventures including a worldwide radio franchise entitled “Inside The Music”.  This radio franchise will air on iHeart radio, Radio America and other top line outlets around the world.  Spencer has been interviewed on nine separate segments relating to seminal recordings he has produced.

He is currently co-hosting this series with Jesse.

The conceit of the franchise examines the stories behind the music that helped change pop culture, from a music producer’s vantage point.  

Dylan, Megacast and Good Life Ventures also lend their expertise on various M17 enterprises, helping Spencer and his team extend their reach to more fans and consumers of M17 content in the digital landscape.

Jesse Dylan is a multiple award-winning show host (The Good Life Show) Sirius/CBS, the author of the best-selling book The Good Life with Jesse Dylan and the founder of Good Life Networks.   Jesse has been featured in a documentary as one of the top five on-air personalities in the world.  He’s been named personality of the year in Canada and won the prestigious Actra award for the same.  He’s also won international awards including Gold at the International Festival of Radio in NYC.  Jesse is a leading producer of transformational entertainment. His success is built on over 40 years of broadcast experience combined with the renowned relationships he has forged with leading authorities in the world of media, entertainment and technology.  Jesse is a serial entrepreneur and is currently CEO & Founder of a highly regarded entertainment – technology company.