Meteor 17: Bridging Music, Media and Branding
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I Hope You Dance IHYD Documentary Feature Hendrix Unplugged The Music & Mission Of John Coltrane Hidden Heroes Huqua & Padaro Press Max & Me Special Olympics Theme Sweetwater SERRANO, a musical comedy Meteor Space Nights Citizens of the World


Company Overview

Headquartered in Los Angeles, this convergence and production venture is helmed by innovative media and music producer Spencer Proffer. M17 is producing and is developing an ambitious slate of projects across music, TV, film, Internet, live event, and other platforms, integrating brand marketing and music as organic components. Additionally, the company is looking to acquire media entities and interests which fit in with Meteor 17 growth strategies.

Spencer Proffer is a highly regarded media producer with a long history of connecting with audiences. His productions have garnered Academy, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy and Tony awards and nominations, and as music producer, Spencer has sold millions of gold and platinum records.

M17 is a full service organization that actively participates from conception and architecture through all phases of deal making, production, distribution, promotion and merchandising. They can either create or successfully negotiate to gain control, on behalf of the client, of all proprietary rights, intellectual property, potential revenue streams and marketing rights to recorded music, live performances in concert and tours. Proffer is able to set up all forms of distribution of content via Internet, big screen, radio, television, DVD, CD as well as cellular and other emerging technologies via long-term alliances with top media companies at the highest levels. M17 has deep long term alliances and partnerships with multiple leading media and music production, marketing and distribution entities highlighted on this web site (see Projects & Partners/Highlights).  

McGhee-Proffer MediaLos Angeles-based McGhee-Proffer Media, Proffer’s long-term partnership with veteran music manager Doc McGhee (KISS, Darius Rucker, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe), will continue as an independent production entity aligned and working closely with Meteor 17 on select initiatives.


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