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South Africa is one of the most culturally abundant countries in the world. Meteor 17 premiered its Denzel Washington-narrated John Coltrane documentary (“Chasing Trane”) there on the iconic Blue Train in 2017 to great acclaim.     


M17 has entered into a long-term, cross-territorial, cultural production and marketing partnership with cinevation, South Africa.  

Our offices are housed within the cinevation complex in Johannesburg. There, we will bridge cultures with co-productions and marketing ventures that specifically relate to South Africa and the African continent.

cv will showcase the visionary nature of important works and talent that Meteor17, Spencer and our U.S. partners produce throughout the African continent.

cinevation have established offices within the Meteor 17 complex in Los Angeles. This close nexus will enable cv to bring film, music and talent from South Africa in collaboration with M17, which will resonate with American audiences.

One such example is the renown performer, singer and civil rights activist, P.J. Powers (

P.J. is an acclaimed South African musician who has recorded 16 albums, 12 gold & 4 platinum and well-known for her UK hit "World In Union" (with Ladysmith Black Mambazo).   She has shared the international stage with world music artists including Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton and Annie Lennox.

P.J. is highly regarded for her anti-apartheid activism.  In 2000, Nelson Mandela presented Powers with a commemorative limited edition gold coin.  She has been appointed a South African Tourism Ambassador (

Spencer & Marisa Torrani, Co managing director of cinevation SA, at her book store in Johannesburg, S.A .

Spencer & Marisa Torrani, Co managing director of cinevation SA, at her book store in Johannesburg, S.A.

cinevation is South Africa’s leading, award winning agency specializing in media marketing, advertising, design, strategies, activations, commercial productions in both radio and television as well as successful projects in the leisure and lifestyle category. 

CV is well known and respected in South Africa for winning numerous awards and running campaigns in multiple areas such as film, television, theatre, live events, toys, books and youth media.  Clients have ranged from FedEx and Unilever, to the leading television and cinema distribution organizations in S.A.

cinevation’s international awards {Gold Cannes Lion) range from campaigns for Microsoft, Audi, FedEx to The Salvation Army.