Music, Travel And Culture Combine In A New Episodic Series Entitled “Foreign Exchange”

Foreign Exchange_M17 overview 3.jpeg


Spencer Proffer has conceived a world music series that will be produced in association with leading event production company, PRG. The show will taste the music and culture of key locales around the globe.

Modeled as a musical Anthony Bourdain-esque episodic, our two dynamic and musical co- hosts will take us into key international music markets that also have rich cultures as well as musical styles.

Our anchor hostess will be an emerging and fast rising musician wth a significant social media following- aligned with a major,  multi national music distributor.

That company will cross market and promote the emerging musical talent in a meaningful way, coupled with a different, well known musician/personality guest host for each episode and locale.  We are targeting music personalities such as Randy Jackson, Carson Daly, Adam Levine, etc.

The series, whose broadcast exhibition will be born via a major SVOD {e.g. Amazon/Netflix/Hulu) or cable network platform (e.g. National Geographic, Showtime, MTV, etc.) will generate eyeballs and interest to music, cultural and travel fans, on a global basis.

Our hosts will travel to markets that have unique and influential musicality in multiple musical genres. Major music markets such as CUBA, INDIA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/SOUTH AFRICA/GERMANY/ SWEDEN/FRANCE will be great venues to explore both the locals as well as the uniqueness of the music (think Buena Vista Social Club).

Our hosts will talk to, jam with and exchange musical blueprints that inform their respective cultures, demonstrating that great music travels and has reciprocal influences and entertains people worldwide. This, like Bourdain, will play well - given that all cultures are interested in where music comes from.

Picture our anchor host with a celebrity co-host in a late night club in Havana Cuba playing salsa in Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar or musical artists such as Bonnie Raitt and Mike McCready (from Pearl Jam) from exchanging musical ideas with traditional Indian and Bollywood music and musicians in Mumbai.