Soccer Mom

M17 is partnered with Mark Wolper and the Warner based Wolper organization ( to produce an independent feature film which will serve as a back door pilot to a weekly, worldwide television series, entitled Soccer Mom.  Wolper just produced the successful ROOTS 2016 mini series for History/A+E ( a slave-897055).

Soccer Mom opens with a college age girl, who has just failed to score the winning goal in an NCAA championship game for UCLA. Shortly thereafter her boyfriend proposes. We cut to many years later. Our girl is now a mom, two kids, she gave up on her dream and got married, dropped out of college. She's good at being a mom, keeps in great shape but has a husband who is gone a lot and doesn't really appreciate her. She runs into her old college coach who asks her to come back and be part of his team. His leading girl switched to another college and there is no one left to replace her. Soccer Mom still qualifies as a student and athlete and after much prodding she goes back. Chaos ensues as her husband and she admit the marriage isn't working and he moves out. Soccer mom is doing well on the field and in school but ultimately feels like she is letting her family down and drops out. Her team comes to help her be a mom and her family realizes they were taking her for granted. She returns in time to help the team win the championship game with her family lovingly sitting on the sidelines.