Steve Ecclesine

Line Producer, select M17 Films

Steve teamed up with Spencer on M17's  SET award winning film, Space Warriors film, partnered with Walden Media and backed by Walmart along with Proctor & Gamble. 
It starred Dermot Mulroney, Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, Josh Lucas, Thomas Horn ("Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"), Danny Glover and was directed by Sean McNamara following his 'Soul Surfer' hit.  Steve served as the line producer and ran the set -

Steve’s first job in Hollywood was working as an assistant film editor for Roger & Gene Corman, followed by two and a half years as Orson Welle’s film editor. From 1977-1980, Steve became the king of tax shelter TV and produced 540 half-hour, multi-camera episodes of a variety of musical, comedic, kids’, and documentary series that appeared in first-run syndication and early cable TV. He directed over half of these shows. One of his biggest challenges was to product five original, feature-length films under the Creature Features banner in six months of production time for HBO/Screen Gems/Sony. The films - She Creature, Day the World Ended, How to Make a Monster, Earth vs. The Spider, and Teenage Caveman - featured creatures from four-time Academy Award winner Stan Winston, and starred actors such as Dan Akroyd, Randy Quaid, and Nastassja Kinski. He also produced a trio of films for Warner Home Video under the Raw Feed banner, Otis, Rest Stop II, and Alien Raiders, and two films in New Mexico for Odd Lot Entertainment, Wanted: Undead or Alive and Organizm.

Steve authored the book, So You Wanna Be A Producer? which is being used in dozens of film schools around the country.