Our House (Illustrated Children's Book)

M17’s book division will publish illustrated gift books for all ages based upon iconic, worldwide and well known hit songs. The books' look will be overseen via the art direction of esteemed graphic designer, Hugh Syme (Art of Rush). The respective artists/composers will also record new versions of these classic songs to punctuate the books’ images and allow for timeless and fun sing- a-longs with the books. M17 and its brand marketing partner, Tether, Inc. are building interactive apps for consumers of all ages to interface with the books.  

The first title and inspiration for this franchise is the evergreen classic, written by Graham Nash, OUR HOUSE.  Plans are to release in the fourth quarter of 2018, with ties to Graham's fan club and a major retail outlet, on a 45 day exclusive and then wide around the world. 

Carole King has written the dedication to OH which appears on the back cover of the book: 

Our House is a wonderful song and a lovely book about a cozy, safe, and peaceful place.  And the very, very, very finest thing about our house is that you are in it.  

Tether Inc. founder Stanley Hainsworth (www.tetherinc.com), serves as a key marketing strategist on this enterprise..

Proffer, Nash and Hainsworth plan to produce an animated special based upon the OUR HOUSE conceit and theme that there are all types of families around the world and each of these families live within the walls of unique homes. What they all share is the family love that lies within, whatever type of house you live in. 

Additional Content: The Our House children’s book and interactive app will accompany and extend the animated show. Additional extensions that are planned range from a digital game, coloring books, toys, and future books based on the characters and their adventures.