Taylor Nichols

Media Development & Consultant, M17

Taylor is the newest member of the Meteor 17 team, working as a creative spark plug and select project consultant to Spencer and the team.

He brings with him experience of working both in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years. This has afforded him the opportunity to bridge generations by working closely with the likes of Angela Lansbury, Shelley Winters, James Garner and Charlton Heston to currently starring in Hulu’s critically acclaimed Pen15. Taylor is an award winning short filmmaker having directed Two Heterosexual Men… and Last Train and an experienced producer with feature credits including The Next StepCase 219 and Santa’s Little Helper. 

He focuses on working with writers on early productions of work.  Taylor is best know as an actor, beginning his career with the Whit Stillman trilogy Metropolitan, Barcelona and Disco. He recently appeared in a feature role in Chappaquidick.

He also recently performed in key role for HBO’s on the Mind of the Married Man,  Dirty John and The Walking Dead. 

Taylor is a graduate of the University of Michigan and of the UCLA Broadcast Journalism program.