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Spencer Proffer
CEO, Music & Media Producer,

Spencer ProfferSpencer Proffer has been at the forefront of successful and inventive multimedia projects for years. Throughout an extensive entertainment career, he has consistently broken new ground with pioneering work on both creative and business fronts. As a marketing and media architect with an anchor in how music plays an organic role in various platforms, he has created and then implemented numerous initiatives on behalf of major television networks, advertising agencies, online, record, and motion picture companies. He also has a meaningful history of producing socially conscious events and enterprises which have both charitable as well as commercial components.

Here is Spencer's current Wikipedia page: Proffer's Wikipedia page.

Check out an interview he did with the Huffington Post by hitting this link: Huffington Post interview. His progressive thinking and results are also highlighted in both The Wall St Journal article on the Citizens Of The World enterprise which he architected and co-produced as well as in the Huffington Post where they have premiered M17 band Flying Machines’ English language version of “Citizens” with an embedded player and free download.

Spencer is a highly regarded media producer and strategist with a long history of connecting with audiences. His productions have garnered Academy, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy and Tony awards and nominations, and as music producer, Spencer has sold millions of gold and platinum records.

Amongst 2013 enterprises which Proffer is spearheading:

*Spencer has just produced the inspirational Special on the power of a song to move and inspire: I HOPE YOU DANCE, “The Power and Spirit of Song” which John Scheinfeld has written and directed. This film, grounded upon the #1 Nashville based, Grammy winning Song, highlights the power of music to inspire and heal. It is the first film of its kind to explore how one extraordinary song has changed people's lives.

From the time the song/record was released to multi-platinum success, to when Oprah held the best-selling book adapted from the song lyrics up on her show, I HOPE YOU DANCE has become a classic message of hope, self-empowerment and joy to millions. The Song has become an anthem for high school graduations, weddings and other life milestones.

By weaving together stories of how IHYD has motivated real people to transform their lives, to chase their dreams, to overcome obstacles and to persist in the face of extreme adversity, we believe this work will inspire and empower people to achieve more, to live their best lives and to make the world a better place. These are true stories of aspiration, second chances, recovery, forgiveness and miracles.

**Spencer is the lead Executive Producer on the Walden Media/ARC Entertainment partnered film “Space Warriors” starring Dermot Mulroney, Danny Glover, Mira Sorvino, Josh Lucas and Thomas Horn. Sean McNamara (“Soul Surfer) has co-written and directed the film. It was produced at the State of Alabama’s Space Camp, (with whom Spencer has been aligned for over a decade) about a young teenage boy who gets the opportunity to fulfill his dream of going to Space Camp and must compete against four other talented teenagers for a final spot at the camp.

***Proffer is producing a franchise of events , partnered with National Cinemedia’s Fathom Division, which plans to turn theaters across America into virtual planetariums. Called, Meteor Space Nights “One Night... One Orbit... One World”, the events will be a 90-minute journey which will immerse theatergoers in one of man’s greatest achievements, the wonders of the ISS: the world’s Space outpost 250 miles overhead.

****Spencer is Executive Producing an evergreen unplugged re-imagination of classic JimiHendrix titles for audiences of today, with the finest Iconic artists paired with more recent contemporary artists. Called "52 West 8th Street {Hendrix Acoustic Generations"}, the album and media enterprise, produced in association with Experience Hendrix with original Hendrix engineer/mixer Eddie Kramer serving as a Co-Executive Producer and mixer, the album will be a way of preserving and building a bridge for new generations of Jimi’s timeless music.

A few years ago, Proffer , together with long time collaborator and composer Larry Brown, won the Grand Prize Gold Medal at the 7th Annual Park City Film Music Festival for their his production, songwriting, scoring and music supervision work on the acclaimed documentary film, narrated by Maya Angelou entitled "As Seen Through These Eyes."

As a Music Director/ Supervisor,, he had handled over 130+ films/television project in a proactive, hands-on capacity for most of the key motion picture studios and major broadcast television networks (see for a detailed listing of Spencer’s film and television music work). In addition to implementing the creative elements, Spencer’s work included negotiating all talent, licensing and soundtrack elements on behalf of the respective studio, network or production company. Over 35 of these were nominated or won major industry awards, and includes work with CBS, NBC, ABC, MTV, VH-1, Showtime Networks, TNT, USA Networks, Paramount, Touchstone, Lions Gate, 20th Century Fox and New Line Cinema. Additionally, he oversaw Showtime’s music interests on all levels for seven years, off campus.

In addition to his music duties, Proffer has also worked in a production capacity on ten financed and distributed films. Spencer served as a Producer & Cast Album Producer of the 4 time Tony nominated Broadway hit, "It Ain't Nothin' But The Blues“; the 2 time Emmy nominated television special, "Robbie Robertson, Coming Home", CBS mini-series “Shake Rattle and Roll” and HBO’s award-winning multi-cultural series “Happily Ever After,” as music producer/director, songwriter. He was also a Co-Executive Producer of “Gods and Monsters” which won Academy, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit and other major awards.

Spencer’s music career and credits are equally formidable, having produced and overseen projects involving: Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, Darius Rucker/Hootie & The Blowfish, KISS, Green Day, Godsmack, Aerosmith, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Keith Urban, Britney Spears, 3 Doors Down, BB King, Heart, Cheap Trick, Jeff Beck, Brian May of Queen, Ritchie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Graham Nash, Alanis Morissette, Beach Boys, Quiet Riot, and N’Sync to name a few. Amongst the 190 albums which Spencer has produced throughout his career, he helmed Tina Turner’s Acid Queen album from her role in The Who’s “Tommy” while serving as worldwide chief of A&R at United Artists as well as Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health”, the first debut hard rock album to reach #1 on the Billboard charts, selling over 7 million copies at that time.

As an early pioneer of laser light shows, Spencer also shepherded the first #1 rock album (Billy Thorpe’s Children Of The Sun) to be developed into computer-animated laser choreography and exhibited in planetariums across North America.

Spencer is an honors graduate of Loyola University School of Law and UCLA; has taught numerous courses at UCLA, USC and Syracuse U. and served on the Dean’s Council at the American University School of Communication in Washington, DC. Spencer is married with two sons, Morgan and Sterling.

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