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I Hope You Dance, the Power and Spirit of Song

I Hope You Dance, the Power and Spirit of Song

I HOPE YOU DANCE, the Power and Spirit of Song {IHYD}, is a poignant film which will have its televised premiere via Hallmark, Thanksgiving, 2015. The work is a powerful, inspirational and cinematic work about hope, faith and optimism and the power of music to inspire and heal. It is the first film of its kind to explore how one extraordinary song has changed people's lives. It is directed and written by award winning director, John Scheinfeld, best-known for the critically-acclaimed feature documentaries The U.S. vs. John Lennon and Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?

From the time the song/record was released to multi-platinum success, to when Oprah held the best-selling book adapted from the song lyrics up on her show, I HOPE YOU DANCE has become a classic message of hope, self-empowerment and joy to millions. The song has become an anthem for high school graduations, weddings and other life milestones. Given its connection to people, the book has spent many holiday season on the NY Times best seller list.

Here is a 3:48 sizzle clip on this moving and powerful enterprise:

I Hope You Dance, the Power and Spirit of Song sizzle reel
Password: ihydsizzle

Lee Ann Womack Music Video:

I Hope You Dance music video

I HOPE YOU DANCE, the Power and Spirit of Song, is the first film to explore how one extraordinary song has changed people’s lives. It is about hope, faith, optimism and the power of music to inspire and heal. By weaving together stories of how Lee Ann Womack’s worldwide mega #1 hit “I Hope You Dance” has motivated real people to transform their lives, to chase their dreams, to overcome obstacles and to persist in the face of extreme adversity, IHYD will inspire and empower people to achieve more, to live their best lives and to make the world a better place. These are true stories of aspiration, second chances, recovery, forgiveness and miracles.

The film explores how, after the death of the only child, parents realized that the only way to truly honor their daughter’s memory was by celebrating the message of her favorite song, “I Hope You Dance.” Today, her spirit lives on in the six individuals whose lives were saved by the gift of her donated organs. We showcase a dance school that uses “I Hope You Dance” to teach dancing to the homeless and employs its message to get them back on their feet. We also reveal how “I Hope You Dance” fueled a woman’s miraculous recovery from a devastating spinal cord injury that should have killed her instantly. Her doctor has never seen anything like it – despite not breathing for several minutes and becoming instantly paralyzed, she now leads a normal life and goes dancing every Tuesday night.

An “A List” of charismatic, articulate and entertaining “experts” such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Joel Osteen, world celebrated artist/songwriters Brian Wilson (who performs “God Only Knows”), Graham Nash (who performs “Teach Your Children”) and Vince Gill, as well as well known artist Lee Ann Womack, have offered their unique perspective on themes explored in the film, the nature of creativity and its ability to touch and motivate.

Spencer was fortunate in securing American gospel and contemporary Christian recording 2 time Grammy nominated artist Mandisa, to perform the newly recorded version of the Song.

This recording closes our film when we see a Flash Mob at a large shopping mall celebrating hope and inspiration to leave audiences feeling great about life.

We plan to also exhibit IHYD on the big screen as well as in churches across America for their congregations. While we are exhibiting in churches on an ongoing basis, we hope to take chapters of these powerful stories and utilize them as 30 minute sermons - once per month for a year on a rotating basis.

M17, through Judith A. Proffer's Huqua Press, in partnership with Anthony Ziccardi/Michael Wilson/Gavin Caruthers' Post Hill Press and Jan Miller's Savio Republic company, are publishing a Book that Judith has curated and edited. The Book showcases extensive stories told in the film via interviews conducted by Scheinfeld. This title documents the birth and life of the song including the captivating stories of hope and faith.

I Hope You Dance, the Power and Spirit of Song

M17 has partnered with Joe Amodei's Virgil Films, DVD distributors of the acclaimed Glen Campbell moving film, 'I'll Be Me' as well as the 2010 Academy Award nominated and Sundance winning Best Documentary film, "Restopo", the OWN Documentary Club films, amongst other important titles (

M17 also plans to develop up a weekly TV series addressing stories of hope and faith that are based upon this classic inspirational song.

I Hope You Dance, the Power and Spirit of Song


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