Jimi Hendrix: The Acoustic Experience

One of the most pioneering and influential artists in the progression of American music was James Marshall Hendrix. Born in Seattle on November 27, 1942, Jimi Hendrix's prowess on the guitar influenced countless musicians. Heavily influenced by the blues and many of his contemporaries, Hendrix didn't just simply create a new way of performing the blues, but expanded the way in which the guitar took centerpiece in all contemporary American music. The electric guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix (a veteran of many American rhythm & blues and soul groups from the early-mid 1960s) and his power trios, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys, has had broad and lasting influence on the development of blues rock, especially for guitarists. An acoustic, unplugged presentation of the music that Jimi Hendrix created is an exciting and unique way of conveying his relevance to today's audiences.

Spencer Proffer is executive producing a unique EP which will be marketed and distributed by Sony/Legacy Records on Proffer's Pasha Records (formerly a successful label partner with Sony predecessor, CBS Records, in the '80s), worldwide.  Release is tentatively scheduled for the end of the second quarter, 2017.

Sony/Legacy, who distributes the Jimi Hendrix catalog, is working closely with Meteor 17 and the esteemed team Spencer has assembled to get this meaningful and evergreen project out to the world. ,

Lead Co-Executive Producer is original Hendrix engineer and mixer, Eddie Kramer (who also engineered 5 albums for the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and two recordings for The Beatles).  Lee Trink, former President of Capitol/EMI Records No. America, will coordinate marketing and distribution aspects of the recordings for Meteor 17  (Co-Executive Producer) and Phillipa Sledge, a Memphis based partner to M17, is contributing her creative services as another Co-Executive Producer.

Renown brand strategist and creative thinker, Stanley Hainsworth, founder of Tether, Inc. (www.tetherinc.com) is overseeing the marketing and brand interfaces on all aspects of this project for M17 as well as making creative contributions to the enterprise as the Associate Producer of the recordings.

This acoustic/unplugged re-imagination of classic Hendrix titles for audiences of today with top worldwide artists (who have a love and affinity of Hendrix music), will demonstrate, musically and commercially, how timeless Jimi's music truly is.  

This project provides an exciting and unique way of conveying Hendrix’ relevance to today's audiences.

The enterprise is being produced in harmony with Janie Hendrix and Experience Hendrix.  Sony Legacy, along with M17, will mount a major worldwide marketing, advertising and promotion effort around the release on a continued basis while cross promoting and distributing the vibrant and fertile Hendrix catalog.

Spencer's close friend and brand marketing leader, Stanley Hainsworth (http://www.meteor17.com/stanley-hainsworth/) and his 88 person strong Seattle based company, Tether Inc. (http//www.tetherinc.com) are leading the charge as the project's marketing and event partner for M17, to bring this enterprise to the world.

Co-Exec Producer Eddie Kramer, artist Grace Potter and Spencer Proffer at "Wind Cries Mary" session for Jimi Hendrix: The Acoustic Experience.  A Pasha/SonyLegacy release.

This Hendrix acoustic tribute will be mixed by Eddie Kramer (www.eddie-kramer.com) (who has engineered classic recordings with Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Stones and The Beatles, amongst many others) to give the album a true sonic integrity, validation and consistency.

A great example of a Hendrix favorite that has been artfully re-imagined is the Crosby Nash collaboration with stellar singer/songwriter, Jason Mraz, performing a new version of Hendrix' timeless "Angel".  

Ravi Coltrane has contributed the solo, creatively blending genres and generations on this evergreen recording.

 Check out the original unplugged version Jimi performed in a NY hotel room from 1968.

Today, Jimi Hendrix's status as a cultural icon stands undiminished. His popularity and continuing influence on popular culture-more than three decades after his untimely death in 1970 is remarkable. Hendrix's appeal has been tapped repeatedly by Hollywood with inclusion in the soundtracks to popular films like Cars and Black Hawk Down, to hit TV series such as American Idoland Entourage, and to chart-topping videogame series Guitar Hero and Gran Turismo.